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We are
Emerald Circuit

Technology and innovation have been in our DNA from the very beginning.

Born out of one of the most renowned technology universities, EPFL in Switzerland, Emerald Circuit has been relentlessly pursuing technological innovation from the start.

We aim to bring privacy, as well as an open, safe and human-centered ecosystem, to billions of IoT devices around the world.

Born out of a passion for innovation & restoring power to all of us.
We want to establish a new privacy paradigm for smart devices, as well as empower device designers, creators and users from our community, to create, build and use the new Internet of Trusted Things.

We represent the first
generation of integrated
IoT and blockchain

As a protocol and company, we strive to provide secure data from end-point to blockchain for the pioneers of the Fourth Industrial Revolution:
From Intelligent Agriculture and Manufacturing, to Anti-Counterfeiting, Smart Logistics, and Real-Time Product Management.
For us, technology is what underpins innovation at scale.
We pursue innovation, while aiming to bring privacy, as well as an open, safe and human-centered ecosystem to billions of IoT devices around the world.
We provide you with a private IoT cloud containing a clean REST API that connects to any device, application, or existing IT system. Every piece of data collected by the hub is instantly notarized (anchored) on a blockchain, and stored locally or
forwarded/discarded. This provides a secure, fully auditable and integrable single source of truth that can be shared with your suppliers, customers, government, certification bodies or auditors.
On our quest to create safe and secure IoT devices for people to love, we’re striving to bring device security to the next level.

Emerald Circuit is soon releasing its first ever hardware device, the EC01 - IOT Tracker. The device consists of two main functions:

hardware and security. In terms of functionality, the EC01 is capable of measuring light, shock, temperature and humidity. Next to this,
it's fully secure and all the data it collects
is automatically stored on a blockchain
(in our case Ambrosus.io).

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Coming soon.
Our solution stack includes secure IoT devices designed for individual products, containers of products, and entire pallets of products.
Emerald X
We are bringing the knowledge of web 3.0 technologies and NFT's to industrial designers.

We believe in
shaking things up.

We empower the creative community to monetize and protect their original works and intellectual property rights in the new economy of ownership (Web3.0).
Emerald X is an efficient and secure marketplace where industrial designers, architects, and everyone else who shapes the physical and virtual worlds can upload, mint & sell or license their intellectual property.
We are building a marketplace with the most extensive collection of original design asset to sell or license design concepts,
3D renderings, print files, and blueprints or actual prototypes.
We are including a digital IP Rights Management (IPRM) functionality to execute legally binding contracts between sellers and buyers empowered by Blockchain technologies.

The time has come to introduce
this amazing community of creators to
Web 3.0 technologies, and let them know
how they can become part of the
new evolving economy of ownership.

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November 2022
We launch our EC02 device
October 2022
Emerald X to support additional blockchain protocols
Such as Ethereum, Solana, Casper Network
June 2022
EC02 goes into production
We're just getting started. Stay tuned as we continue to drop the most cutting edge tech.
May 2022
We launch our EC01 device
Limited edition units are available for purchase on Emerald X, including an app and a unique NFT for each unit.
April 2022
MVP launch of the Emerald X
The Emerald X NFT marketplace aims to create a community of industrial designers and engineer professionals who are actually shaping the industry of IoT.
EC02 device kick off
March 2022
EC01 device is ready to be tested
February 2022
Our team is growing
January 2022
Design finalized for EC01 device
Our new L1 device design is ready for production.
December 2021
Hiring of our marketplace development team
They kick-off the development of our Emerald X Marketplace.
We re-designed and re-engineered the original L1 multi-sensor prototype
November 2021
Kick-off team summit in Istanbul, Turkey
We had our first team summit with representatives of Ambrosus Core and Ecosystem in Istanbul.
Agreement with Ambrosus Core and ZIMT signed.
Emerald X
Emerald X will become a Digital Notary & NFT Copyrights (IP) Marketplace for Designs, Devices and Data for the Virtual (Meta) and the Physical World. We are building the largest collection of original 3D design assets, 3D renderings, 3D print files, blueprints, etc.
October 2021
EC Hub in Istanbul
Emerald Circuit HQ opens in Istanbul. Where east meets west. A city where scholars, teachers, scientists, and students alike have come together for centuries to explore, learn and create new ideas and concepts. When it comes to crypto, this is no different- Istanbul has become a hub for crypto development.
September 2021
First-ever IoT 3D rendering minted on foundation.app
May 2021
Emerald Circuit is incorporated in Switzerland
Emerald Circuit was incorporated on the 8th of May, 2021 as a Swiss Corporation with its principal address located at Chemin de la Clopette 33, 1040 Echallens. Corporate Registration No. UID/IDE CHE-234.836.552 by Dr. Stefan Meyer