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Emerald Circuit's
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Fully secured
on the Ambrosus Blockchain.

Emerald Circuit is soon releasing its first ever hardware device, the EC01 - IOT Tracker. The device consists of two main functions: Hardware and security.
In terms of functionality, the EC01 is capable of measuring light, shock, temperature and humidity.

The EC01 can be used in a plethora of
ways - from tracking and overseeing shipments to ensuring valuable and precious items are kept safe by
monitoring storage conditions.

With the

You can provision the device to start a new journey, pre-configure various journey settings, set up custom alarms, visualize the collected data, access the digital twin of the journey, and most importantly check the digital certification of this data against the data stored on the Ambrosus Blockchain.


Like a blockchain wallet, the security of the information produced and stored on the EC01 relies on asymmetric encryption technology.

The same security protocol supports the data transfer to a decentralized storage; it is also mediated by a dedicated smartphone app (its gateway).

A secure element is embedded on the EC01 Printed Circuit Board (PCB) to prevent any hardware tampering. Thanks to this protocol, the information produced by the EC01 is secured throughout its whole life-cycle.


Despite being so small, the EC01 is an incredible piece of technology!

Connectivity is provided via a Bluetooth chip and an NFC antenna. Being a multipurpose sensor, the EC01 comes equipped with a temperature and humidity sensor, as well as a light sensor and a gyroscope, which allows the device to detect 3 axis accelerations.

In the future, it can be expanded with alternative sensors thanks to the available extra ports.

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We want to hear your most innovative ideas how would you use the EC01?

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The Ambassador Program is designed to assist Emerald Circuit with collecting information from testers about their interactions with the EC01 device. This program will test the device's readiness, as well as help identify market possibilities - what the device can be used for, and by whom.

What will you be testing?

Hardware & Firmware
Technical components.
The design, robustness, etc.
Usability, stability, flow of iOS and Android application.
Device application that grants access to the EC01 environment.
Through Ambassador’s unique use cases.

There are limited number of spots in
the Ambassador Program. Ready to join?

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There are limited
number of spots in
the Ambassador Program.

Ready to join?
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